Why Having a Beautiful Website Isn’t Enough to Book Out Your Services

Not sure why your coaching or VA business isn't book out? Learn why having a website isn't enough to get the clients you need to grow your business and have a 6 figure business. #mombiz #momboss #coachingWant to know a secret? Having a beautiful website isn’t enough to book out your services. And I’m a web designer! It’s like me saying what I can do for you isn’t enough.

But it’s TRUE! Having a website alone isn’t enough.

Now, it is so important to have a website. It’s like you telling other people (and yourself!) that you’re a legitimate business. If you’re willing to make an investment, even a really small investment like your domain and hosting and a DIY website, then people will take you more seriously because you’re showing them you are here to stay.

But a website alone isn’t enough to book out your services. It isn’t enough to fill up your schedule with clients to get you to the income level that you want. And there are three things that you need to do to help with that.

1. Get Them in the Door

The first thing you need to do is get people to your website. I know it’s crazy, but I talked to people at the time who are like, “Oh, I have this website. I paid all this money for website and nothing happening.”

Well, how are you getting people to your website?

Just putting up a website isn’t enough for people to find you. That’s not the end all be all. You have to have a plan to get people to your website.

Here are some ideas on how to get people to your website:

  1. What are you doing for SEO? Are you using a SEO plugin like Yoast? Are you researching keywords and optimizing your site for them?
  2. Are you blogging? Are you adding content regularly?
  3. Are you using Pinterest? Pretty much everyone could really benefit from using Pinterest to drive traffic to their site. So part of that is blogging, part of that is making pins, scheduling them, having a presence on Pinterest to help send people to it.
  4. Are you using optins? Do you have a freebie on your website? If so, advertise that freebie in Facebook groups and on Pinterest. You might also look at running ads on Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your optin.
  5. Do you have a link to your website or optin in your Pinterest and Instagram profiles?

2. Let Them Get To Know You More

So you have this beautiful website, you’ve spent time and/or money to get people to go there. And then what are you doing with them once they’re there? How are you converting them into clients?

Let’s say your website is like a first date. I really liked the first date analogy because you’re not spilling your guts on your website, you’re just getting people to know you.

What are you doing to get your visitors to get to know you more?

Blog posts and emails are ways for your visitors to get to know you more. They’re getting to like you, they’re getting to trust you, they’re seeing you as an expert and then they’re coming back to buy from you.

So you have to have a way to get them to your website and then you have to have something to do for them to do once they’re there, to get them to get to know you more.

Here are some ideas on how to continue to build a relationship with visitors:

  1. Have your optin in a popup on your website. A popup gets people’s attention as they are scrolling through your site.
  2. Have your optin somewhere on your homepage. It’s so important to not just use a popup for your optin. You want something permanent on your website so someone can always find it if they want to!
  3. Have your optin in the sidebar for your blog. Make a nice image in Canva, put it in your sidebar, and link it to your optin page. Easy, right?
  4. Have your optin throughout blog posts. (Notice a theme here?)
  5. Create a 5 part automation series for when someone joins your list so they can get to know you! (Want to see mine? Sign up here)
  6. Send regular emails to your list! Don’t just let those emails collect dust. Continue to build that relationship!

3. Have Writing that Draws Them In

Your visitors will take notice of how gorgeous your website is, but they will buy from you because of your words! We have to use words that really draw people into our stories. They want to get to know us more. They want to opt in because they want to find out more about us. They want to follow us on our social media.

So think about, do your words win people over or are they just super generic?

That’s something that I see a lot. People are just trying to say the right things and look professional.

Do your words sound like your brand? Do they sound like your story? Do they draw people in to get to know you more? If you went to your website, if you didn’t know you, would your words be enough to convince someone to get to know you more?

Here are some tips on how to write copy that attracts your ideal clients:

  1. Read your copy out loud. Does it sound like something that would actually come out of your mouth? Or do you sound pretty robotic?
  2. Do you words show you understand your ideal client? Do you talk about their pains? Do you talk about the transformation they want to have? Have you talked to your ideal client to see what they actually want and don’t want
  3. Do you show how your story relates to your ideal client? Can they relate to you, or do you seem like you just have everything together?
  4. Does your copy make it clear what you do and who you help? Can someone tell what your business is about in less than 5 seconds?

As you can see, having a gorgeous website alone is not nearly enough to get clients and book out your services. You have to have a plan to get visitors to your site, a way to attract them once they are there, and then a plan to continue a relationship with them after. Which of these things do you need to focus on changing?

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