5 Moms Share WAHM Schedules That Really Work

WAHM schedule

Have you wondered how other mompreneurs make it work? How do they create a WAHM schedule that allows them to balance their family and business, without losing their sanity?

I recently asked five stay at home moms to describe their typical day. I hope this peek into their lives will help you think of ideas on how you can grow your business while staying home with your kids.

1. A Homeschooling WAHM

I’m currently juggling many things so my schedule is a little crazy! In the morning we get up and work on school since we homeschool. Mid-morning we begin our mission work as a family. We have a typical evening after supper and a well-established bedtime routine. My blog work waits until after the kids are in bed at 7 and then I usually work for 2-3 hours. I also take time to check on things during lunch or if I have any other breaks in my day.

My family comes first, then our mission work, and then my work-work. I also work on Saturdays when we have more free time

– Merissa Alink, Little House Living, blogger and missionary and mom of 3 kids – ages 6, 4, and 1

2. A Mompreneur with a Husband at Home

My schedule today looks very different than it did when I first started. When I was just starting out, my husband worked 2 jobs so that I could stay home, and I worked between meals, during naps, and after bedtime. Now, I have built my business to a level where my husband is a stay-at-home dad, and his presence at home allows me a lot more flexibility to retreat when needed.

That being said, it’s still very important to me that I am not working too much. After all, the reason I left traditional employment is to spend more time with my family. I wish I could tell you that I wake up at 5 am before my kids – but that simply will never happen, I am not a morning person! My kids wake me up around 6:30 am and the first hour or two of the day is spent getting the older kids ready for school (or summer camp) and getting bellies full with breakfast.

I typically work from 8:30-4pm during the day, and take a break at least every couple of hours to play with the kids for a few mins throughout the day. From 4pm-7pm is family-time, including dinner, and we put the kids to bed at 7 pm nightly. 7-8pm is a buffer zone for me, so if I didn’t accomplish all of my daily goals, I have some time to do so if needed… otherwise, it’s time to spend with my husband until approximately 10 pm. We enjoy binge-watching Netflix and watching movies. We don’t always get “date nights” but we do carve out time each day to focus on each other

– Meg Brunson, EIEIO Marketing & the FamilyPreneur Podcast, Marketing Mama Raising KidPreneurs! and mom of 4 daughters – ages 10, 7, 4 and 3

3. Entrepreneur Mom of a Preschooler

Now that my daughter is 3, I am able to get a little more free time during the day since she is in preschool. I remember those days trying to get things done with a 1 yr teetering and tottering around.

I work for several hours 2 days a week while she is in preschool, and try to do all my phone calls and meetings during that time. Otherwise, I still work during nap time, bedtime (now I go to bed at a normal time), and take advantage of every time my husband takes her to the park or grandma’s house. I usually end up working about 25-32 hours a week.

 – Amanda Altman, Magnolia Virtual Solutions, virtual bookkeeper and mom of 1 daughter – age 3

4. Busy #BoyMom and #MomBoss

Ideally, I would like to rest on Sundays but I use it as a time to create social media content and plan emails for the week. Once Monday arrives, I begin sending emails, scheduling calls all while making breakfast before my son wakes up. Once he does, I take a break and focus on eating breakfast together and begin learning activities. When I give him a break for free time, I will work on writing content, blog posts etc.

After breakfast, if the weather permitting we go out for a walk, attend a class or head to the playground. I usually put him down for a nap around 3 pm and stays down until 5 pm so I use that time to send emails, reach out to clients, our models and actors to inform them of bookings or castings/auditions and touch base with instructors on upcoming classes.

After the nap, we are getting ready for dinner, then dad is usually home and I can have him take over while I finish up social media posts and other marketing strategies. I also use that time to prepare for the following day. No two days are the same but that is the general flow of what my days look like.

– Shaw Bernard, STRUT Model & Talent Agency, modeling agency owner and mom of 1 child – age 21 months

5. Mamapreneur with School-aged Kids

My kids are now 9 and 7, so the days of them needing a ton out of me is gone. However, we wake up in am and all eat breakfast together. Then if it’s during the school year, I get them out the door and on the bus and I don’t see them till after school. I have some great hours there that I can hit work hard and get stuff done before they come home!

Once home we all get together and chat and catch up about the day. I go over what’s in their bookbags and we usually make a snack and just chill for a bit. They usually want me to look at something they are doing or just hang for a bit in front of tv snuggling with me. If we have any errands that need running we usually load up and all go together and get those done.

Evenings are free time and they are usually running with neighborhood kids or chilling in their rooms, so I utilize that time to lightly work, get dinner made, organize, etc. Once bedtime hits, I put in another few hours before I relax also.

Summer is another whole ball of wax! Kids are out and home all day, so I don’t want them just sitting around while I work! I have signed them up for some science camps, free park craft days, and swimming. In the summer I have to be even MORE organized and make lists.

I also work a lot more in the evenings so I can spend time doing some fun things like going swimming with the kids during the day. The key is to wear them out and not wear myself out, so that we can come home and I get a few hours where they just want to relax or take a nap.

–  Julie Farrell, Odd Lot Paperie, online stationery shop owner and mom of 2 – ages 9 and 7

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