Squarespace is for Renters

Hardly a day goes by without me seeing someone recommending Squarespace as the perfect website solution to a new business owner. My stomach turns as I think about all the time and money that mompreneur could save with a WordPress site.

Why? Because Squarespace is for renters; WordPress is for owners.

Why rent when you can own?

Listen, there are some really nice rental homes out there. Custom kitchens, gorgeous bathrooms, 3 car garages. You name it, there are rental homes that have it. But why would you want to pay someone else every month to stay in their home if you could be putting that money into a home that you own?

The truth is Squarespace is a company. When you get a Squarespace site, you pay them money every month (or year) for one of their websites. And if they go out of business tomorrow, your website goes with them. just.like.that.

The beauty of WordPress is that it is open source. That means the code that makes up WordPress belongs to everyone. So it can’t go out of business or disappear. It is also completely free to use!

Are there companies that own servers that you rent space from to host your WordPress site? Yes. (Confused about what a hosting plan is? Grab my free Tech Talk guide for the easy to understand answer.)

But that is not the same thing as your host owning your site. Don’t believe me?

Let’s say you have been using GoDaddy for your hosting and decide to switch to Siteground. You just migrate (techie word for move) your site over to Siteground’s server (or better yet, have them do it for you for free). Your site will look exactly the same. It just will be hosted (or living) somewhere else.

Want to leave Squarespace? Be prepared to have to leave behind a whole bunch of stuff. Like all of your custom CSS (what makes your beautiful site look like, well, your site). Check out the full list on Squarespace’s website here.

Your landlord loves you

Squarespace’s simple pricing makes it simple for them to take your money. If you really want a Squarespace site that doesn’t look just like everyone else’s, then you will need their business plan. Their personal plan doesn’t allow for custom CSS. As of May 2018, their business plan will cost you $216/yr (paid yearly) or $312/yr (paid monthly).

Compare that to getting a similar hosting plan from a company like Dreamhost or Siteground for $120/yr. Siteground’s plan is actually less than $50 for the first year. Now that is a big difference!

Remember, Squarespace is a business. They are in this to make money. WordPress? Free.

As a WordPress web designer, yes, I am in this to make money. But I writing this because I honestly want you to avoid the panic of having to recreate your own website if Squarespace goes out of business one day. Or if you decide to join the fun over in WordPress land ;-)

Is Squarespace really easier?

The big plus for Squarespace users is their easy to use drag and drop page builder. I get it- no coding=happy people. But did you know that you can do the same thing on WordPress with a FREE plugin? Yup, because open source is amazing.

I use Elementor for all of my clients’ sites. It is a drag and drop page builder, just like what Squarespace uses. No coding knowledge needed. It is so easy to learn how to use and has tons of great features. Oh, and because it is also open source, there are lots of free add ons. You can do pretty much anything with it!

The time to buy is now

Not happy with your host? Just migrate your site. Many hosts will even do it for you for free with a new plan.

Not happy with Squarespace? Be prepared to redo your site, losing your precious time and money.

Don’t be pulled into the Squarespace renter’s trap. Get your business off to the right start with a WordPress website.



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