Remember Why You Became a WAHM

I woke up with a to do list a mile long running through my head this morning- blog posts to write, FB content to schedule, client websites to finish, and household chores that never end.

But she looked at me with those big blue eyes and asked to go on the slide. And I had to catch myself before I said I was too busy.

Because I’m doing this so I can stay home with her, while she still wants to hold my hand as we walk.

While she still asks for help going down the slide.

While I’m still her hero.

Don’t Forget Why You Became a WAHM

It’s so easy to get caught up running our businesses and forget why we started them. Why did you become a WAHM?

Did you want to stop working for someone else? Did you want to bring in some extra money to help take the load off your husband? Did you want to get out of debt?

A lot of our reasons have to do with money. Let’s face it, these darn kids are expensive! I thought my husband could eat a lot… and then I had two toddlers at home all day! I swear they eat more than they weigh on a daily basis.

If your only reason for starting your business is money, then you’re going to miss out on so much! Think of all the other things a work at home business can do for you.

If you let it, your business can grow your confidence, enrich your relationships, and bless your socks off. But don’t get so caught up in the day to day grind of working from home that you miss the extra time with your kids.

So take a break today to enjoy the ones who called you Mom before you called yourself a Mompreneur.


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