Productivity Tips for the Mompreneur: Task Management in Gmail

How to Manage Tasks Right in Gmail

Confession: I guilty of using my Gmail inbox as my to do list way too much.

Instead of having a neat and organized inbox, it becomes a long list of emails with things I need to remember or to do. I hate clutter. And messes. Cluttered, messy inboxes are just as terrible to me as the messes my kids make in our living area.

I have tried using Trello and Asana before and just haven’t loved them. In case you aren’t familiar, they are task management programs that can do some amazing things to help keep you organized.

The downside for me is that they are always one more step. So I get an email from a client about a task and then have to turn around and enter the task into the task management program.

I know, it is just one quick little step. But honestly, if we are talking about working at our highest productivity level, then I can’t be wasting time with one more step.

Yanado: The Gmail Task Manager

Enter Yanado, the task management program that works right in your Gmail account.

Yanado allows you to create different to do lists and tasks, all from a popup box in Gmail. My favorite feature is that it allows you to add things to your to do list right from an email!

All you have to do is click on the Add as Task button. The dropdown list will show all of your current to do lists. Once you select a list, the program will create a task (shown in popup box) and allow you to edit the details, set a due date, and add subtasks and comments. You can even insert a hyperlink or attach a file from Google Drive right to the task!

Yanado has a lot of other great features as well, like being able to create reminders, track your progress on a task, and even add hashtags so you can quickly find tasks with a search.

There are free and paid versions of this account, but the free version has been sufficient for me so far.

If you struggle with the one more step downside of other task management programs, give Yanado a try and let me know what you think!


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