Productivity Tips for the Mompreneur: Use White Noise

If you have recently started out on your small business or solopreneur venture and you do not have a traditional office, then chances are you have had problems concentrating! Ok, let’s face it- even if you have a traditional office, sometimes it is hard to stay focused on the tasks at hand. White noise can be a great solution.

As the mom of two young kids, I am a HUGE fan of white noise. Whatever gets my kids to sleep better and longer, I will take it! But I recently discovered that white noise is great for more than just background noise for light sleepers. White noise is also a great tool to help you concentrate and focus because it helps you tune out everything going on around you.

What is white noise?

White noise is the combination of every sound frequency into one noise, at equal intensities. It is called that because it is similar to how white light combines the whole spectrum of colors of light.

Because white noise actually contains all of the sound frequencies, it actually masks other noises so you don’t hear them.

Have you ever been in a busy coffee shop or packed out restaurant and all of the conversations blend into one noise? That is similar to what white noise does. There are other noises going on, but your brain doesn’t even process them because of the white noise.

How can white noise help my productivity?

Have you ever been working in a coffee shop or library (whatever happened to being quiet in a library, anyway?) and someone is talking so loud you can’t concentrate? Or maybe you are trying to work from home and all you hear is your kids playing or arguing in the other room?

It is so hard to concentrate on what you are doing and be productive when all you hear is someone else being loud! And since the growth of our businesses depends on us actually working, not just punching a clock, we need to focus!

White noise can help you block out that guy talking so loud in his cell phone or your kids arguing in the other room. It can also just help you get in the zone so you aren’t distracted when a car alarm goes off across the street or a fire truck drives by.

Where can I get white noise?

You can try something as simple as a fan for white noise, but there are also some great digital white noise options. There are several albums on iTunes and Amazon available for download. My current favorite digital option though is Noisli, a free website or app for white noise that has some great features.

Noisli lets you set a timer, which helps if you tend to lose track of time when you are very focused. The white noise will just shut off, so there isn’t any annoying alarm or beep to interrupt your flow.

Noisli also allows you to combine sounds to make a custom playlist of sorts. If you like water noises but want to add in a fan or some static to it, you are free to do that. Do you work best in a busy coffee shop? They even have a sound for that!

If you are struggling with getting enough done and staying on task, then give Noisli a try during your next work session!


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