What Motivated You to Start a Home Business?

Do you need motivation to start online business? These mompreneur success stories will inspire you to become an entrepreneur even while you still have kids at home . #workfromhome #momboss #biztips

Women become work at home moms for different reasons. Some moms want to work from home so they can stay home with their kids. Other women were already working from home when they started their family. And even other mothers start a business from home because they need to save money on childcare or homeschool their kids.

I recently had the opportunity to ask 10 mompreneurs what motivated them to start their businesses. Like everything about motherhood, their answers are unique to them and their family situations. I hope they encourage you that you can start a business working from home no matter what your position in life.

1. To Plan for a Family

I started working from home in 2009. I was only working part time and hoping that I would be able to work enough from home that I wouldn’t have to go back to work once we had children. I began my blog right away because I’ve always loved to write and wanted to share my heart and encouragement with others.

– Merissa Alink, Little House Living, blogger and missionary and mom of 3 kids – ages 6, 4, and 1

2. To Spend Time with Kids During the Early Years

I was pregnant with my son, my firstborn. I wanted to be able to spend as much time with him as possible before he reached school age. Then I had my daughter, and now another son. I plan to work primarily from home until my last born, now 3 months, is in school.

– Katie Charleston, Katie Charleston Law, A Professional Corporation, lawyer and mom of 3 kids – ages 4, 2 and 3 months

3. To Have a Hobby

It started slowly, as a hobby to share the activities I was doing with my son. Gradually over the years it has become more serious. I honestly never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now, so it has definitely been a God thing, with Him leading the way. After blogging for a couple years I was able to narrow down my mission and vision with more clarity, and I rebranded to Steadfast Family.

– Liz Millay, Steadfast Family, author and blogger and mom to 3 kids – ages 6, 3, and 11 months

4. To Make a Lasting Impact

My motivation for beginning my entrepreneurial journey was that I nearly died during my 3rd pregnancy. I had one of those pivotal moments in my life, where I realized that I had not left the type of lasting impact on my kids, and that the only way I could truly be the mom I wanted to be was by leaving traditional employment to work for myself.

I started with direct sales. I was not a “business person” – I did not ever take any college classes or anything related to business, and the only entrepreneur I really knew growing up was my dad, and he died when I was young. At first, I chose the companies to work with for the WRONG reasons – they were emerging, gaining momentum fast, and I thought there were opportunities there… but, my personality and passions were misaligned. It took me a couple failed attempts before I found the right company for myself.

Since that time I have grown and pivoted many times. Each time, the driving force behind how I decided on what my business would be included a combination of what I was good at (what people naturally came to me for), and what I was passionate about and enjoyed doing.

– Meg Brunson, EIEIO Marketing & the FamilyPreneur Podcast, Marketing Mama Raising KidPreneurs! and mom of 4 daughters – ages 10, 7, 4 and 3

5. To Stop Paying for Childcare

I originally worked full time for years in an office and then got pregnant with my daughter. The first year she was in daycare full time and I worked, I barely got to see her. The biggest issue was the cost of childcare. Each week it was like, “do we pay our car payment or daycare, the next phone bill or daycare?” All our bills were barely on time, we were living so tight, paycheck to paycheck-and we were making good money! That’s the kick of it, childcare costs are so expensive and even with a ,GREAT job it is hard to afford.

I told my bosses straight up that I needed to reevaluate my child care and I can only work part time (3 days a week). I worked full time for 10 years as a bookkeeper and once I went part time, I tried to makeup the difference in income. I scouted the internet for hours, blog posts, so many WAH jobs, and tried all different things. Then I realized I could put my bookkeeping and accounting skills to use, and with the right systems in place and business operations, I could work 100% virtually.

 – Amanda Altman, Magnolia Virtual Solutions, virtual bookkeeper and mom of 1 daughter – age 3

6. To Run My Own Business

I have had my business STRUT Model and Talent Agency for the last five years. I became a mom almost two years ago. After giving up my office and studio space, I transitioned to working from home. Once I became a mom, it was a natural progression into being a WAHM, but working from home is something I had been doing for two years before my son was born.

– Shaw Bernard, STRUT Model & Talent Agency, modeling agency owner and mom of 1 child – age 21 months

7. To Do What I Love

Originally I was an apprentice electrician and when I got pregnant I realised it wasn’t the best career choice for me, so I took time off to have my son. I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I freelanced for nearly 6 years and earned a good living, so I figured I could do more! I set-up my business 6 months ago shortly after I had my daughter and we now have a small team of writers helping everyone stay on top of their content. I still write, I get to manage and meet great people and I now release videos to help aspiring writers get the help they need to start their own careers.

– Charlotte Ratcliffe, Silhouette Creatives, copywriter and mom of 2 kids – ages 6 and 11 months

8. To Get My Own Work Out There

I worked long hours at a video game company and really wanted to have my own designs out in the world without being art directed to death. After the birth of my 1st child, I knew I didnt want to be away all day and had enough freelance clients built up that I could go part-time at home and work.

–  Julie Farrell, Odd Lot Paperie, online stationery shop owner and mom of 2 – ages 9 and 7

9. To Become the Woman I Always Knew I Was

I always knew from about the age of 21 one day I would go on to become an entrepreneur. At that stage, I had no idea the what or even the who, but that did not stop me believing that is would be my reality at some point.

–  Tiffany Charters, Tiffany Charters – The Ambitious Mum’s Coach, business coach to ambitious mums and mom of 2 kids – ages 4 and 3

10. It Just Sort of Happened!

My business started as a random side job 8 years ago. A fitness studio needed help setting up their software. I have been with them since, providing software support and client support. This past year I left my 9 to 5 job and decided to offer my services to other studios and salons. I have completely replaced my 9 to 5 income in one year with clients all over the USA, the Bahamas, Dubai, and Canada!

-Trish Jones, Jones Business Solutions, MINDBODY virtual support and mom to 3 kids – ages 10, 9, and 1

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What Motivated You to Start a Home Business? Learn what motivated these 10 moms to start their online business and how you can too! #entrepreneur #motivation #inspirationWhat Motivated You to Start a Home Business? Learn what motivated these 10 moms to start their online business and how you can too! #mompreneur #motivation #workfromhome

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