Letter to Busy Mama Entrepreneur: You’re Enough

Dear busy mama entrepreneur, you are enough. You have what it takes to run a successful online business while taking care of your family. You can do this. #mompreneur #onlinebiz #momboss

Dear busy mama entrepreneur,

You’re enough.

YOU are enough.

One more time, just in case no one has told you yet today, you ARE enough.

You’re smart enough to balance running a business while raising your family.

You’re talented enough to have a growing, successful business.

You’re gifted enough to make a difference in the world without sacrificing your own family.

You ARE enough.

The Lies We Believe

Lies come from all around us, telling us that we aren’t enough to do it all. That we aren’t enough as mothers. That we aren’t enough as entrepreneurs. That we aren’t enough as women.

Hang out in enough female entrepreneur Facebook groups for long enough and you can start to feel like your business and life could never compare to what someone else has.


  • Because you didn’t make 12k your first month in business (seriously? who does that anyway?)
  • Because you work more than 10 hours a week (sometimes WAY more than 10 hours a week)
  • Because your social media following isn’t in the thousands like ten seconds after opening an account
  • Because you haven’t been featured in some amazing blog or podcast
  • Because some days you don’t enough know what you’re doing

The Truth We Need to Know

As women, we’re really good at the comparison game. Sometimes it feels like we never really left high school. Even in the online business world, it still feels like there are cheerleaders and there are the rest of us.

And if you aren’t careful, you can start to believe that you aren’t good enough to be one of them.

But the truth is YOU are enough.

You don’t need to be someone else.

You don’t need to do what someone else is doing.

You are enough right now, just who you are.

There’s always going to be someone more successful than we are, someone who seems to always have it together. You know, that person who has a six or seven figure business immediately, who always looks put together, and who you’re pretty sure has the perfect kids, too.

But success doesn’t have to be defined by anyone else’s standards but your own.

Success doesn’t have to be defined by the amount of money you have or the house you live in

Success doesn’t have to be defined by the clothes you wear or the car you drive.

Sucess doesn’t even have to be defined by your kids’ grades or husband’s title at work.

You get to define what success is to you. And then you get to decide when you’ve achieved it.

Live the Life YOU Love

Busy mama, don’t wear yourself out trying to achieve someone else’s success.

Don’t wear yourself out trying to live someone else’s life.

Don’t wear yourself out trying to have someone else’s business.

Because the truth is that YOU are enough.

So whether you work 10 hours this month or 10 hours today alone, you’ve got this. Don’t worry about where you are in your business. Keep growing. Keep learning, Keep working. You’ll get there, mama. And you’ll get there doing it YOUR way, in YOUR time.

And along the way, you’ll teach those little ones what real success looks like. You’ll teach them how to work hard for their dreams, without sacrificing their families in the process. You’ll teach them that they don’t have to choose between having a family and having a career. You’ll teach them that they’re enough, too.

Because they are. Just like you.

Much love and coffee,


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If you're a mompreneur struggling to grow your business while taking care of your family, this letter will inspire you! You've got what it takes to start a business! You can be a successful entrepreneur #bossbabe #motivation #wahm

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1 thought on “Letter to Busy Mama Entrepreneur: You’re Enough”

  1. Well said! While it’s nice to look to others for inspiration and ideas, if you start doing comparisons that make you feel bad about how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished, that’s only hurting you! We all have our own journeys. Take a step back and appreciate what you’ve achieved, and then keep moving forward!

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