Productivity Tips for the Mompreneur: Digital Tools

If you're an entrepreneur wanting to increase your productivity and save time, these digital tools and apps are just for you! They'll help with your business growth and time management too! #mombiz #entrepreneur #toolsAsk any mompreneur and they’ll tell you that growing a successful business from the ground up is hard work! It can eat up all of your time and consume your #momlife if you let it.

Thankfully we live in a digital age where great tools are available for free that help us make the most of our time. These are three digital tools that I use daily to help me balance my growing business and growing family.

1. Moment

If you feel like you’re losing hours a day without knowing where they’re going, Moment is a great app for your iPhone and iPad! Moment keeps track of how often you use your phone every day. It can even tell you how much time you are spending on different apps each week.

The paid version (currently a one time purchase of $3.99) allows you to set a daily screen time limit and block out time as screen-free time. I just use the free version because I love its simplicity. It does exactly what it says- keeps track of how often I use my phone and for what, nothing more.

One of my favorite features is that the app does not track time used for phone calls, FaceTime, or listening to music. So it really does help me see where I might be wasting my time, instead of me having to guess what might be important.

2. Grammarly

I love Grammarly’s free grammar checker because it helps me to make sure my posts and work are error-proof, even when I’m working online. I don’t know about you, but there are words I consistently spell incorrectly (entrepreneur is one of them if you would believe it!). The proofreader in me goes crazy whenever I publish something with an error in it.

Grammarly helps me by checking my work as I type, much like the grammar and spell check features in Microsoft Word. But it works on my web browser. So whether I am writing an email, posting to Facebook, or typing up a blog post, Grammarly is there to make sure I present the best side of myself to the world.

I love that it saves me the time of having to proofread my online work. I might give a blog post a once over, but I am already confident that Grammarly has my back and has already brought any potential errors to my attention.

3. Canva

Whether you are creating posts for social media platforms or images for blog posts or pdfs for freebie downloads, Canva can help you do it all quickly and beautifully. If you wish that you could create beautiful images but are overwhelmed by the options in Photoshop, then Canva is a great tool for you.

One of my favorite features about Canva is that they keep up with the image sizes needed for different websites. So if you want to create an image to go with your Facebook post, simply select Facebook post and they will give you a blank design the optimal dimensions for Facebook. There are tons of free template options that you can customize almost however you want, as well as paid ones. You can upload your own images, use one of their free stock images, or buy a stock image for just $1.

Canva really does make the time-consuming work of creating beautiful images easy and quick. This morning I created a month’s worth of images for Facebook posts in less than an hour! Now that is time well spent.

The free version of Canva is great for most people. Upgrading to Canva for Work (currently $12.95 a month) gives you some great additional features, including the Magic Resize option, which is as magic as it claims! Design an image for Facebook and then use the Magic Resize tool to make it into a Pinterest graphic, blog banner, business card, or one of the many other options.


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