The BEST Free Trainings for Starting a Business

I don’t know about you, but I love me some free trainings! There is SOOO much information online right now that is being given away for FREE it’s amazing. And when you’re starting a business from home to make money (instead of investing thousands up front), free is the perfect price!

But it can be really hard to know what trainings are actually worth doing. After all, you’re basically selling your soul by giving away your email address. So what is worth giving away your precious email address and what will just be a waste of time?

I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 trainings to help you grow your business. All affiliate free- just because I whole-heartedly believe that each of these trainings will help you immensely! They’re all great for moms just starting their business, but can also be useful for people looking to pivot directions or grow their business more.

Are you a mom starting a business from home on a budget? Find out about the best free trainings you can take to help grow your business without spending a dime #mompreneur #successtips #training

1. Awaken Your Potential by Sarah Talbert

If you’re struggling to find your niche or can’t decide what you want to focus your business on, Sarah is your girl. She’s AMAZING at helping moms find their potential beyond motherhood. Not that we don’t all love being moms, but some days don’t we just want something more as well?

Sarah has a free video training series to help you discover your purpose beyond being a wife and mother. I love her tagline so much: I help women discover their gifts so they can build a business that brings them JOY and a PROFIT! Her sweet spirit and down to earth style are sure to win you over. Sign up here.


2. Pinterest Primer by McKenzie of Moms Make Cents

If you have any desire to use Pinterest to help grow your business, you need to sign up for this free video course. Like NOW. I took this course to help me figure out how to use Pinterest for business. My Pinterest views grew by over 1,000% within 5 days!!

And increasing my Pinterest views has had an amazing effect on traffic to my website. I’ll let my stats speak for themselves (this screenshot was taken mid-August and I took her course in early May).

McKenzie’s tips are super practical and easy to understand. She walks you step by step through setting up your profile, creating pins, and scheduling. It boggles my mind that she doesn’t charge for this course!


3. Discover Your Differentiator by Made Vibrant

Can I be honest with you for a second? Web design is a SUPER crowded industry. It can be so hard and intimidating to try to stand out when you are just one of many, many fish in the sea. I stumbled across this DIY branding course by Made Vibrant when I was working on my reworking my messaging.

It’s a simple 7 day email course, but Caroline is amazing at helping you think through what makes you stand apart from other businesses in your niche. Her questions are really thought-provoking and help you dig deep in what sets you apart in business! If you’re feeling like you are just one of many in your field, then this the course for you.


4. How to be Seen, Heard, and Understood by Donald Miller

Okay, I’m a little partial here because I love me some Donald Miller. (I might have had a major crush on his brain since I was in college and read Blue Like Jazz). But Donald Miller’s Building a Storybrand is top notch business marketing advice that just makes sense. His blog has tons of free video trainings on it and his podcast is top notch!

This 3 part video training is like the down and dirty version of his marketing strategy. It basically helps you create a story for your business that your ideal clients will relate to. It might sound weird, but I promise when you hear him explain it, it makes way more sense! (I don’t think you even need to hand over your email for this one!)


5. WordPress Videos by WPCrafter

This is not a training like the others. If you are looking to DIY your website instead of hiring a professional web designer like me, then you need to head over to YouTube and check out Adam’s WordPress training videos.

Adam’s goal is to teach nontechies how to use WordPress. So if you’re looking for advice on how to set up a great website for your business that doesn’t require a degree in computers to understand, Adam is your guy. He has step by step tutorials on setting up a site with some of the best page builders out there.

Learn the Basics for Free

I know starting a business as a mompreneur often means starting on a shoestring budget. (I didn’t make any substantial investments in my business until year 4, so I totally get it!) I mean, we’re in this to make money, not spend it, right?

These 5 trainings will help you lay a great foundation for your new business, without having to fork over anything other than an email address!

Want something else for free?

Grab my quickstart guide to learn the EXACT steps you need to take to start your own business from home! Totally free. Just cause I love helping other moms start businesses so they can find something they LOVE that also makes them MONEY!

Do you want to start a business without spending money? These 5 free trainings will help you start a business from home on a budget. #biztips #momboss #brandingWant to start a business on a budget? These 5 free trainings will help get you started working from home with kids #mombiz #bossmom #mamapreneur

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